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The Romanya company , vet,for  veterinary medicine, feed additives, import, export, general supplies and commercial agencies

- It is Egyptian pharmaceutical company founded in 2010 by the well-known businessman / engineer John Samir Ramzy. The company is famous for the manufacture of veterinary medicines with natural plant extracts .

-The company has become a pioneer in the distribution of veterinary medicines not only in the Arab Republic of Egypt but in the Middle East, which led to a significant increase in the company's capital recently .

- Consumer statistics indicate a future production growth , which requires the company to expand in other areas to offset the need of the global market .

-The company seeks to wrestle time with excellence and leadership and this is what the company has achieved since it started and is still going on .

-The company is characterized by a remarkable economic growth in the production of veterinary medicines and extent of their actual capacity and results, which always gain your precious trust.

*The company owns j.m.m factory for medical supplies.

 general supplies and commercial agencies.*The company owns j&m

*And agent for Segma vet Factory and New vetro vit Factory .